Christian Rolfes’ photography both touches your heart and makes you smile. It is the result of his own happiness. How does he do this? Well, for example, by inviting his colorful network of friends round to play. Or by transporting the entire Internet into a non-virtual world and eternalizing it in award-worthy photography. Or by enthroning images in wondrous landscapes, in which his depictions are crafted into crystal clear and extravagant compositions. No matter what he does, in the end his work tastes of that one ingredient: happiness!

Der Spiegel Wissen, René Lezard, Adidas SLVR, Jung von Matt, DDB Düsseldorf, BBDO Düsseldorf, Havas Worldwide, Ford of Europe, Opel Classics, 3M, Süddeutsche-Zeitung, ZeitMagazin, FiftyFifty, OTON Magazin, Kom(m)oedchen, Schauspielhaus Bochum, PernodRicard, Titus, Capricorn, Alien Workshop, C&A, Moxie Collective, Morphoria Design Collective.


  • Bronze ZMG Award 2017
  • Galerie Nina Sagt
    Dec. 5th 2015
  • Vormwald und Schüler, Künstlerforum Bonn
    Jan. 12th till Feb. 2nd 2013
  • Portfolio Review 2013
  • Talent des Jahres 2011,
    Art Directors Club Germany
  • Dipl. Kommunikationsdesign
    July 2010 / FH-Düsseldorf
  • Designers Fair
    January 2010 / cologne
  • Designers Fair
    January 2009 / cologne
  • Exhibition at Cubit Showroom
    Dec. 12th till Jan. 10th 2008
  • Designer of the month
    at Heimatdesign
    June 26th till July 30th 2008
  • Galerie Schindel
    April 2008 / Freiburg
  • Mockba Exhibition
    July 2007